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Tips to Perfect your Ramp Walk.

Modeling is incomplete without perfecting the ramp walk. A good ramp walk shows zeal, confidence and can keep the audience hooked to whatever it is that you are presenting. A perfect ramp walk needs a good body posture and the confidence of the highest degree to showcase and keep the onlookers hooked. Below are some tips for people who want to work on their ramp walking skills and put forth a captivating performance.

Body Posture :-

It is crucial to stand and walk uptight. It is vital to keep your backbone straight up whether you are sitting, standing, or walking. This not only makes you look taller and more confident but has medical advantages as well. A straight body posture keeps the muscles activated. A straight body posture is not impossible to achieve. It easily becomes a habit with proper yoga, exercise, and meditation.

Walking style :-

Do not cross your legs while you walk. Each footstep must be ahead of the first one, not adjacent or cutting edge. Taking long strides looks good as compared to shorter strides. The walking style depends a lot upon the kind of dress you are wearing. Even if the dress restricts foot movement, it is advisable to maintain a slightly faster pace. Slow walking makes the walk monotonous while too fast can make it look extremely awkward. You can try walking at home where you can align your steps with the tiles in your house.

Walking in heels is usual for models. You can perfect walking on heels by keeping a book over your head or carrying something in both hands while aligning your feet with the tiles. This may take some time but once you get the hang of wearing and walking in different lengths of heels, you are sure to rock any outfit with any footwear.

Upper body :-

As far as the upper body is concerned, try moving your shoulders too much. It takes away the attention from the attire and directs it towards your body. That should not be the conclusion. Your role is to best portray whatever you are carrying so people view it as what it would look like when they wear it. Your job is done best when you make people believe that the attire is as pretty as it looks.

Face expression :-

What your facial expression dictates are another essential element of your walk. If you are modeling for pageant shows, you are required to connect with the panelist. The best is to keep a constant smile on your face. Do not keep grinning and do not keep an intimidating face on. Keep a balanced facial expression that is warm and confident. The best way to do this is to think of the happiest thoughts before walking the ramp and walk with a natural smile.

Attention and Focus :-

As a model, there will always be things happening around you. The best you can do for yourself is to not pay any attention to them. Especially when you are walking down the ramp, completely avoid looking at anything or any person around you. This causes distraction in your walk and may make you nervous. Practice your look in the mirror and try not to stare into space. You must feel a part of the stage and not be conducting your own little show.

Conclusion :-

The best ramp walk is when you manage to get people’s attention on your attire, footwear, handbag, and makeup while also maintaining a very memorable facial expression. You must be able to make the audience feel the essence and personification of the outfit. You should be able to perfectly walk down the ramp with confidence and bright, focused eyes. Consider all the aspects that come together to make a walk the best ramp walk. If you keep polishing your skills and are aimed at bettering your performance to fulfill your aspirations, you are sure to be able to come out with your signature ramp walk that would be known all around.

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